How to manage your meetings well

decision making

Contributing less is contributing more.

I mean, has anyone ever questioned meetings?

Sure, plenty of people preach about having less meetings and being more productive, but have you ever really thought about what happens in a meeting?

I was sat in a meeting this afternoon, twiddling my thumbs. Literally (and on  purpose).

It was a conscious decision, I had decided not to contribute. I don’t contribute a lot at the best of times, but I wanted to really understand the whole room.

I wanted to understand the reasons why people I knew did what they did, and why they did it when they did.

If you’re anything like me you get lost in meetings, always scrabbling around for something clever to say, usually anything, just to get noticed ahead of the crowd.

Truth is, thinking of something smart to say isn’t often easy. It takes a whole bunch of effort.

It might sound silly, but just try it. Clear your head entirely, actually listen to what people have to say.

I’ve decided, contributing less is contributing more.

Published by Justin

I'm Justin. I'm not one for making decisions. I work in a fast-paced and decisive Marketing team, so I don't have to be.

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