How to bounce back from a bad day at work

I got to work today and something I’d been working on failed. A lot.

The bunch we’re writing for are tough – to say the least.

It’s rightly so, as they’re really good at what they do and actually, they’re better at my job than I am.

It’s a tricky situation to have to deal with, but if I’m being honest I’ve been winging it since I joined

And I’m probably one ‘well this is what my last business did’ away from the push.

If my boss had the gusto anyway. But she doesn’t. Because she’s shit.

So here’s how to sort yourself out:

Impress your boss

You should do everything your boss says.
Yes she’s a twat, and yes that’s what you’ve done since you joined, but let’s face it, now isn’t the time to start being brave and start challenging her.

Find something that needs work (probably something that was done by you) and tell her how you’re going to improve it, really enthuse the idea that you’re not going to fuck it up.

Or sit in a pool of your own piss whilst everyone else makes the decisions – no one’s noticed yet.

Throw your co-workers under the bus

There’s a time and a place for developing and getting the best out of people. Now isn’t it. It’s not going to do you any favours, so do everything you can to avoid it.

If you’re selling your direct reports down the river, so be it.

At the end of the day, you’re their boss, and your probably shit at that too. But they’re less senior than you and they don’t make the decisions, so Jo’s pay rise can wait.

fuck’s sake Jo, doing two jobs doesn’t mean you deserve to get paid for two.

Deliver for your stakeholders

Now’s the time to get Donovan and Javed from Comms on side. You’ve probably done a shitfuck of a job for them so far, but what you need right now is kudos to your boss.

Hammer their door down and give them what they want.

Go out of your way to contribute.

Walk up to them, like you’ve never spoken to them before, and tell them why you’re going to smash the next marketing campaign. Be out of character and actually do something.

There’s plenty of opportunities for you to own your shit and deliver something.

Its like being in a shit relationship, you know you should leave, but you just don’t have the balls. You still make it work.

Thing is, you’re firing blanks in both scenarios so you may as well just crack on, it may not be as badly received as you think.

Or just piss yourself. Again.

Published by Justin

I'm Justin. I'm not one for making decisions. I work in a fast-paced and decisive Marketing team, so I don't have to be.

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