Work hacks: the secret to productive meetings

Another week, another productive internal stakeholder meeting out the way. I think.

It’s getting harder to decide if I’m making any ground with people, or if I’m getting closer to being found out for talking b*llocks

Nowadays I seem to drift between humouring peoples’ patronising ideas, and trying to figure out if they’re taking the piss.

I mean I’m up for a laugh, but there’s a line. Or is there?

Yes I’m winging it when it comes to making decisions, and my go-to tactic is still answering as fast as i can, recycling other peoples’ points and all…

But there’s one work hack I know I’ve mastered:

Laughter makes the work go round

Laugh along. Even when you’re not sure if  you’re laughing at yourself or something shit someone said.

Your time is coming, slowly yes, but building a rapport with the those above will allow you a greater chance to piggy-back on their outputs, and more importantly their inputs.

Sharing other peoples’ outputs is riskier than jumping on their inputs – nobody wants to share their success. But everybody wants you to agree with the decisions they make to get there. So do it.

Less decisions = less risk and better relationships. Why wouldn’t you.

Output is a buzzword. You can’t get to output without input. And maybe a bit of laughing at yourself.

So do that.

Published by Justin

I'm Justin. I'm not one for making decisions. I work in a fast-paced and decisive Marketing team, so I don't have to be.

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