That back to school feeling’s still here!

It’s still here, that back to school feeling, on a Sunday, every Sunday.

But why?

It’s been 15 years since I was forced to spend Sunday evenings thinking up excuses why I hadn’t done my homework, rather than actually doing it, so why does it still creep up and ruin my last day of freedom!

We’re pre-programmed by all those years of High School, and it just won’t go away. 

The same way we were pre-programmed to sit in class avoiding eye contact with the teacher and praying we weren’t the one asked what x equalled or what, in our opinion, was the real cause of the First World War.

Don’t ask me, because if I give you an opinion it leads to debate, and the debate will undoubtedly bring more requirements to make a decision, and after that … well, you know how it goes.

After much soul-searching, I’m pretty sure I know why I get that feeling – it’s that Monday Marketing Update meeting. You know the one where you have to meet the business stakeholders to discuss performance to date and the campaign plans for the week/month ahead – and, lord have mercy, what you are going to do to improve performance! 

Reducing the price is never the right answer, so it turns out.

I’m usually pretty successful at attending meetings just to be seen, and then choosing the seat in the shadows and only reminding people I’m there when it’s time to agree with the most senior job title in the room. 

But on Mondays, I’m the one with the senior job title, and people want to know my thoughts, my opinions – and the pressure is unbearable!

If you make a decision, it might be wrong – everyone knows that.

And then it’s your fault. 

And it’s that type of thing that gets remembered around annual review time. 

“Oh Gale, you can’t possibly have ‘outstanding’, remember when you spent £35,000 sponsoring that sea life centre which ended up on every news channel for animal neglect! The company-sponsored children’s charity really suffered when we had to divert funds to manage the crisis and protect our brand!”

So once bitten (by a sea lion), twice shy. 

Avoid decision-making. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

And here we are again, on Sunday evening with that ‘back to school’ feeling, hoping that the Monday stakeholders have all fallen victim to some superbug so that the meeting is cancelled and no opinions or decisions are required.

One of these Mondays, I’ll be lucky. 

I only need one. 

Please god, make it tomorrow.

Gale Winters

PS – Yes, I know this isn’t Sunday, but it took me so long to decide whether to post this that I lost track of time. Oh well, Happy Holidays everyone!


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