Work hacks: the secret to productive meetings

Another week, another productive internal stakeholder meeting out the way. I think.

It’s getting harder to decide if I’m making any ground with people, or if I’m getting closer to being found out for talking b*llocks

5 reasons you should phone in to work sick

It’s not an easy decision, but just when is it okay to phone work and tell them you’re sick? Aside from just dreaming of a decision-free day, there’s inevitably going to be times you’re actually not well enough offer your highest possible contribution, which, let’s face it isn’t that high. And although it probably seemsContinue reading “5 reasons you should phone in to work sick”

How to manage your meetings well

Contributing less is contributing more. I mean, has anyone ever questioned meetings? Sure, plenty of people preach about having less meetings and being more productive, but have you ever really thought about what happens in a meeting? I was sat in a meeting this afternoon, twiddling my thumbs. Literally (and on  purpose). It was aContinue reading “How to manage your meetings well”